Learn some adjectives to describe feelings in English with the beautiful short documentary A Social Distance.

I’ll never forget the moment I saw the video of Italian trumpeter Alberto Anguzza performing “Imagine” on his balcony. It was March 2020. That music was a glimpse of hope and a dose of positivity amid all the terrible news we were receiving in the early days of the pandemic. When filmmaker Ivan Cash saw this performance, he knew he wanted to evoke exactly the same emotions in his short documentary A Social Distance, which was codirected by Jacob Jonas.

The film gives us a glimpse into the quarantine experiences of ordinary people from more than 30 countries who generously submitted their own videos. Musicians of various nationalities also contributed to the realization of this short. In fact, they submitted recordings of themselves following the sheet music written by Steve Hackman, the film’s composer, who then put together the various performances to create the final score. The result is striking.

Watch the short documentary now!

A Social Distance – Short Documentary

The self-submitted videos capture people’s daily lives and intimate moments during the lockdowns. They introduce themselves, dance, play music, and tell us about their fears and hopes for the future. 

A Social Distance is a truly collaborative work. There’s something unifying and touching about the fact that people, despite the distance, were eager to collaborate and create something unique and inspiring, reminding us that, as the film’s tagline says, “Even in isolation, we’re united by our humanity.” 

The participants in this project used various adjectives to describe how they felt during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Have a look at the infographic and learn some new words.

Adjectives to describe feelings

An infographic to learn adjectives to describe feelings based on the short documentary A Social Distance.

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