If you need fluent language skills for your dream job or you have to face the recruitment process entirely in English, then you’ve come to the right place. 

No more panicking. I don’t want you to feel intimidated just because you’ve read the words “fluent English is required” in the job ad. 

It’s absolutely possible for you to improve your language skills or get ready for a job interview in English. 

I’m here to help you:

  • Test your English so that you know exactly what your current level is and how to describe and demonstrate your language skills in your CV
  • Rewrite your CV and increase your chances of landing a job interview (it may only be a one- or two-page document, but it is so important!)
  • Improve your language skills dramatically (plus I offer one-to-one coaching if you feel your English isn’t ready yet for the position you want to apply for).

My students are typically recent graduates who are looking for an entry-level position or an internship at a multinational company. I also work with seasoned professionals who would like to make a career change and achieve personal and professional growth.

Your Teacher

Hi! My name is Alexandra Kapinya. I’ve been a professional Business English teacher since 2009. I’ve taught English to CEOs, senior managers, job seekers, and career changers, mainly in Italy and Switzerland. I’ve also created my own one-to-one coaching programs for job seekers whose native language is not English.

I’m a specialist in teaching English to HR managers and recruiters, which means I understand what recruiters and key decision-makers are really looking for from candidates. 

There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping my students find a job. When they succeed, I literally dance on the table. 

Originally from Hungary, I’m a non-native English speaker, so if there’s someone who knows what it means to face job interviews in a foreign language, well, that’s me. Throughout my own career, I’ve always had to compete with mother-tongue teachers from the US, the UK, and Canada, and I know how stressful and intimidating it can be. (Just for the record, I always got the teaching job.)

In a globalized job market, employers don’t just want someone who can speak the language well. They want someone who can do the job well in that language. Now that I’m coaching other non-native speakers, I know exactly how to get them ready.

Visual English School started out as my blog, where I shared various visual materials with my students: from film-inspired lessons to presentations, from infographics to picture vocabulary cards. Now, this website has grown into the official headquarters of my online teaching business. 

I still heavily rely on visual tools during my lessons. 

More about me

I’m a mom of two kiddos living in sunny Italy, I’m super crazy about cinema, and I’m a cappuccino addict. 

I’ve had a passion for foreign languages since I was a kid, and I’ve studied Italian, Spanish, and French so far. I’m currently learning Norwegian.  

I can’t wait to help you with your language learning journey.