“Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive”

Martin Scorsese

Hello! It’s nice to have you here.

My name is Alexandra Kapinya.

I’m here to help all movie lovers learn English with beautiful short films.

Why short films?

They’re fantastic for language learners. I think you’ve guessed why.

They’re shorter (10 minutes long or less), so easier for you to watch them in your super-busy life.

They’re like mini-movies with a full story, but I think sometimes just much more original.

You can watch BAFTA and Oscar-nominated shorts and some hidden gems made by not-so-famous independent filmmakers with me.

Who am I exactly?

I studied modern languages at university. I’ve always been a language lover and learner. It was no surprise that I became an English teacher.

My language journey:

I’ve learned four languages so far. Unlike some genius polyglots, I’ve always had difficulties learning them. I did not become fluent in any language a couple of months, that’s for sure.

What helped me a lot was learning with all kinds of visual stuff, films included. Watching movies did not make things simpler, but made learning much more fun and motivating.

Movies helped me:

1. Learn colloquial expressions.

2. Realize how people use grammar in spoken English. I started to understand native speakers and laugh at the jokes they made. Yippee!

3. Pick up a native-like accent. Finally, the first question people ask me is not about where I’m from. It’s such a good feeling!

More about me?

I was born in Hungary, but I’m living in Italy, the country I always dreamed about. I hate tea, depressing rainy weather, and porridge. So, the United Kingdom was never my dream destination, no matter how much I’ve always loved English.

I’m also a mom of two little boys. This crazy Visual English project exists thanks to them.

That’s all about me. I hope I can get to know you better. So, let’s connect on Facebook and Pinterest!

Happy Visual Studying!