Cinema in the Classroom

How to Teach English With Short Films

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Are you teaching English as a second or foreign language?

Have you ever thought of using short films actively and regularly during your lessons or as integral parts of your syllabus?

I don’t mean to use feature films, but those little independent films that are only five to 10 minutes long; they’re often presented at Sundance or TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

I’ve been teaching English with short movies for more than a decade now, and the results are amazing.

No matter the age or the level, the students’ language skills skyrocket and they get better results in their language exams than those who only study English with textbooks and CDs.

My students are also more engaged and motivated during the lessons which means fewer behavioral problems to deal with and less stress for me. As you can imagine, I am passionate about this topic; I left my job at the secondary and language school, specialized in visual literacy, and started Visual English School.

This is how it all started, in a nutshell.

Now I’d like to encourage and help other teachers use short films during their lessons and transform their class!

Hi. My name is Alexandra Kapinya. I’m a movie blogger and English teacher. I’m here to help movie lovers learn and teach English with beautiful short films. I run an online short movie club for English learners and write about my favorite shorts on the blog.

Cinema in the Classroom

Here’s what we’ll cover in this FREE five-day course:

You need only 15 minutes a day!

You’re going to learn:

  • Why you should use short films instead of feature films
  • Where you can find high-quality short films online for free
  • How you can create film-based exercises that go beyond the traditional listening and comprehension activities
  • Why you should teach English with films to visual learners
  • Why you should use movie scripts as textbooks
  • How to overcome the difficulties you might encounter when you decide to incorporate films into your lessons
The content of the Cinema in the classroom course.

And now let’s talk about the best part of the course.

You’re also going watch beautiful short films and receive some worksheets with answers to use in your classroom + infographics + behind-the-scenes info + film scripts

All you need to do is download the materials and print them for your students.

So, let’s recap!

Who is this course for?

If you’re teaching English as a second or foreign language to teenagers or adults, this is the right place for you.

I really appreciated the video and the worksheets you sent as the part of the course you’ve created! Great job! I’ve always thought learning Engish through movies is a great thing. I’ve had ideas to incorporate some movies, or clips or songs (something different from ordinary textbooks) into my lessons but I didn’t feel confident enough. Your ideas, your tips and your experience are really helpful for me.

Svitlana Medvedieva

I’m an English learner. Can I participate?

This email course is specifically for English teachers. If you’re interested in learning English with me, take my FREE Short Movie Nights course instead. I use the same films as in the “Cinema in the Classroom” course, but the materials are suitable for English students.

How long does it take to finish the email course?

Dedicate at least 15 minutes to it every day, no matter if you’re on holiday or not. It’s fun and you can take the course even under your umbrella on the beach!

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