Learn English with this fun TV commercial: Organic Valley’s Real Morning Report. If you have a crazy morning routine, then this TV ad is for you.

Ideal or Crazy Morning Routine

Do you like TV commercials portraying smiling, perfect families in the morning; you know, commercials where families are always:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast (a delicious homemade omelet or pancakes)
  • Sipping some freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Chatting about life happily while petting their dog

I can’t stand them anymore. Are real-life mornings like that? Well, not for me. I have a totally crazy morning routine.

My Crazy Mornings

No one in my family is a morning person. In fact, we set several alarm clocks. There’s no way I happily hop out of my bed as soon as the alarm clock goes off. But then my husband kindly wakes me up, reminding me that we’ll be late to school again.

We’re always in a rush. The mornings are hectic. The kids throw tantrums, cry, and fight against each other while I’m looking for their hats and scarves, which can disappear during the night and end up in unpredictable places. Then it’s done. I don’t know how, but we’re ready to go.

As exhausted parents, my husband and I promise each other that tomorrow will be different. We will go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to have that perfect morning routine everyone suggests.

Learn English With TV Ads

If your mornings aren’t perfect either, watch Organic Valley’s Real Morning Report. It’s a fun TV commercial that might resonate with you.

SoundView Research conducted a study on what mornings are really like for professional women. They polled 1,000 women with full-time jobs. Then, Organic Balance’s creative agency (Humanaut) came up with the idea of the TV ad, which showed the study’s statistics. They wanted to let us know if our morning routine seems a bit crazy, we’re not alone.

Watch this TV commercial, Organic Balance: Real Morning Report.

Disclaimer: I use TV commercials to teach English. I don’t advertise any of these products, and just for the record, I don’t drink my breakfast from a bottle.

Study Time

Get the full transcript here.

Let’s learn some new vocabulary.

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