A New View of the Moon is a poetic and eye-opening short film about the wonders around us. Filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh took a telescope around the streets of Los Angeles and invited passersby to peek inside and look at the moon. Many people got the chance, probably for the first time in their lives, to view the moon closer. They could see it in all its beauty, with its craters and shadows as never before. What is incredible about this film is that people of all ages and different backgrounds had exactly the same reaction, a complete awe (a feeling of great respect and admiration, often combined with fear).

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Movie Lesson with A New View of the Moon

“Oh, my God,” is the only thing they could say in the face of such immense beauty. The film is powerful because Gorosh and Overstreet documented genuine, authentic reactions. They showed us that no matter where people come from, whether they’re rich or poor, they all feel small and insignificant when they get a sense of the vast universe above them.

You feel that magic atmosphere of wonder and peace throughout the film, thanks to the background music (Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy).

The short film makes us realize that there is something bigger than our daily insignificant problems here on Earth.

We need this reminder from time to time, because it helps us see our lives and struggles in a different light.

“We should look up more often.”

Wylie Overstreet

Transcript: A New View of the Moon

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Study Time

I’ve never realized how many beautiful moon-related expressions exist in the English language. Now, let’s learn some of them.

Infographic Moon Idioms Movie lesson with A New View of the Moon

Thanks for learning with me and don’t forget to look up as often as you can.


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