Learn English through Cinema

Let’s watch amazing short films and learn English along the way!

Benefits of learning English through films

One of the most important benefits of learning English through movies is that you can learn real-life and conversational English. No oversimplified sentences or super standard pronunciation nobody uses!

If you already have an intermediate level, you don’t need another coursebook. You have to find a way to use authentic materials during your classes and get continuous feedback on your speaking skills. 

The author behind Short Movie Nights
Hi! My name is Alexandra Kapinya. I’m the founder of Visual English School, movie blogger, and English teacher.

I’ve been teaching English with films for more than a decade now!

I taught, for example,

  • Pronunciation with the film Up in the Air starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga,
  • Grammar using dialogues taken from the movie Notting Hill
  • Business English with The Pursuit of Happyness (By the way, Will Smith’s performance is amazing!)

I also prepared my students for language exams using short films by independent filmmakers.

What I realized is that it’s so much easier for my students to learn the language through their interests.

If you’re passionate about cinema, I can only encourage you to start studying English with films because, with the right guidance, you can significantly improve your listening skills and become a more confident speaker.

How can you learn English with me?

1.) Movie Blog for English learners (To Improve Your Listening Skills)

If you want to watch some lovely short movies and enrich your vocabulary, read some of my blog posts here below (you’ll also find the transcript of the film + vocabulary list + film analysis). (These films are suitable for adult English learners.)

  1. School Portrait – It’s a 2-minute film that talks about today world’s problems in a creative way.
  2. A New View of the Moon – Get your tissues ready because this amazing short documentary might make your cry. 
  3. Theo and Celeste – If you like thought-provoking and surreal style, this short will be one of your favorite ones.

2.) One-to-one Lessons for Adults (To Improve Your Speaking Skills)

If you want to start learning English through movies with me, you can find out more about my one-to-one lessons here and sign up for a free trial lesson.

I can’t wait to start our movie journey together!

One-to-one lessons with me? Sign up for a free trial lesson. Short Movie Nights together.