What My Students Say

“I got the opportunity to meet Alexandra through a friend who attended her lessons and was enthusiastic about them. I started her classes in October 2020 because I needed help to prepare for my job interviews in English.

Alexandra was very helpful preparing my CV, my presentation, and interview questions. She followed me with patience and a lot of attention, providing me with study materials, doing interview simulations, and above all, improving my pronunciation in English to show more confidence and professionalism.

Thanks to her commitment and her help, I was able to pass a very important interview in a large multinational company, and I got the job in November 2020. Now, I am continuing studying with her to improve my English with specific lessons for my career path, and to communicate more professionally at work.”

Giovanni – Marketing Specialist

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“A couple of years ago, I started to improve my English with Alexandra, and in a short time, I was able to achieve results that I’d have never thought of.

Her teaching method is very interactive and stimulating, the lesson is always engaging, and at the end of it, I always learn something new.

Alexandra stands out for her kindness, availability, and ability to make English pleasant to anyone who wants to master it. The way she manages her lessons with multidisciplinary knowledge, and the way she has understood my specific field of work is mind-blowing.

The content and the intensity of the lessons vary according to students’ levels and needs. I have had initial lessons with less demanding content, and now I’m following a course specifically for HR professionals. 

Alexandra is a great professional in her business. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to brush up on the language, to those who have not practiced it for a while, those who are starting from scratch, or those who want to increase their knowledge even if they already have a good level.”

Claudia – HR Consultant

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“I’ve been attending Alexandra’s lessons since April. She is a kind, attentive, and extremely well-prepared professional. Her coaching started making a difference in my language skills right away. She always makes you feel at ease and encourages you to face difficulties with simplicity. I believe that it’s rare to meet an outstanding teacher like Alexandra! Now I can say I love English.”

Marilene – Talent Acquisition Specialist

“I like Alexandra’s lessons because they are structured around the students’ needs. There are many practical exercises, and they reproduce real-life situations that students may encounter in their specific working environment. The lessons are also interesting because Alexandra uses different tools (like YouTube videos) that are always related to the subject of the lesson. Finally, Alexandra is always up-to-date, always available, and very motivating.”

Diego – Engineer

“I love how Alexandra works. She is so organized and thoughtful. You see that she is aware of your needs, and I love how everything she makes looks like! Thank you very much, Alexandra!”

Marta – Online Spanish Teacher